Thursday, January 10, 2008

Videos and Books on Tape related to Modernist London

Videos and Books on Tape
(Personal Copies Owned by Dr. Sparks)


Cassette tapes of Eliot reading his own poetry:
 Early Work (everything up to 4Q but not all of Possum)
 Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats
 The Four Quartets
• Video: Tom and Viv (Movie about TSE’s first marriage, starring Willem Dafoe…interesting)
• Video: Voices and Visions on TS Eliot (CUL) DVD available from EKS

Woolf and Bloomsbury
Cassette tapes of Woolf works (Unabridged unless otherwise indicated)
 A Room of One’s Own
 Three Guineas
 Moments of Being
 Orlando (abridged on tape; unabridged on CD)
 To the Lighthouse (Abridged on CD)
• Cassette tape of Nigel Nicolson’s new (sloppy) biography of Woolf
• Cassette tape of Mitz the Marmoset of Bloomsbury (unabridged)
• Cassette tape of The Hours by Michael Cunnigham (unabridged) (Pulitzer-prize winning book based on Mrs. Dalloway; made into a major motion picture) DVD available.

• Video: The Hours. Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman) writes Mrs. Dalloway while a suburban housewife (Juliana Moore) reads it, and a contemporary woman (Meryl Streep) lives it. Lovely movie but factually inaccurate about Woolf and especially her sister Vanessa. EKS has DVD
• Video: The War Within (Excellent documentary on Woolf’s life) DVD or video available from EKS
• Video: To the Lighthouse (Movie is pretty bad, but you get to see Kenneth Branaugh before he was a star)EKS has video
• Video: Mrs. Dalloway (Charming and fairly faithful version of the novel starring Vanessa Redgrave as Clarissa)
• Video and DVD of Eileen Atkins performing an abridged version of Room of One’s Own (Masterpiece Theater) available from EKS
• Video: Orlando. Sally Potter’s fabulous (in every sense of the word) rendition of Woolf’s comic novel successfully captures its luxuriant and chaotic surface. Tilda Swinton is impressive as the ambi-sexual hero/ine. (EKS has DVD)
• DVD documentary on Charleston including interview with Duncan Grant, available from EKS.
• Video: Carrington Movie about Lytton Strachey’s longtime companion, Dora Carrington a painter. Good evocation of general atmosphere of Bloomsbury. Some scenes shot at Garsington)

E.M. Forster
(Merchant and Ivory in particular have done lovingly faithful adaptations of many Forster novels)
• Video: Where Angels Fear to Tread (book 1905; film 1991) Amazing cast (Helene Bonham-Carter, Rupert Graves, Judy Davis, Helen Mirren) and gorgeous Italian scenery make this film about an English women who escapes oppressive England to a more liberated life in Italy fairly interesting. (EKS has video)
• Video: A Room with a View, (book 1908; film 1986) Gorgeous Merchant-Ivory production with Helen B-H again, accompanied by Maggie Smith, Judy Dench, Deholm Eliot, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Julian Sands. One of the best movie adaptations ever. 2-disk DVD has useful ancillary material including an hour-long BBC documentary on EMF. (EKS has DVD)
• Video: Howard’s End, (book 1910; film 1992) Another fabulous Merchant Ivory production. This time Helena B-H is joined by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. Read the book first, but then thoroughly enjoy this visual feast. Second disk has (I think) same BBC documentary on EMF as Room wi a View. (EKS has DVD)
• Video: A Passage to India, (book 1924; film 1984) David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia) directs the first adaptation of a Forster novel with Judy Davis, Dame Peggy Ashcroft, and Alec Guiness pretending to be Indian. Gorgeous film and fairly true to book. (EKS has video)
• Video: Maurice , (book 1971; film 1987). Merchnat/Ivory also filmed this version of Forster’s posthumously published novel about homosexual love between classes, starring a young Hugh Grant among many others.

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